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Sansin Borlox: industrial-strength protection for borate treated lumber.

Industrial-strength protection for borate treated lumber.

Many people are concerned about toxins leaching from pressure-treated lumber. For many, borate-treated lumber is the safer alternative. While far less hazardous than traditional treatments, boron-treated lumber demands an appropriate wood coating to prevent the leaching of Boron. Sansin Borlox is specifically designed to prevent the leaching of borates from treated wood on any kind of above ground exterior application – up to 99% over a 5 year period. Borlox is often used in combination with Boracol and Impel Rods which protect against insects and wood decay.

Borlox is a two-coat application and is available in base clear, transparent, semi-transparent formulas as well as any custom colors your project demands. Sansin Borlox is environmentally friendly, low in VOCs, highly water repellant and protects against harmful UV radiation.

Sansin Borlox is also well-suited for protecting exterior treated plywood and glue laminated beams. It can be applied by dipping, flood coating, spraying, or by brush or roller at a specified wet film thickness.

View the Borlox Product Data Sheet (PDF) for information about application, preparation, maintenance, and more.