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Classic Naturals Topcoat: Highly water-repellent finish and maintenance coat.

Water-repellent finish and maintenance coat for Classic.

Sansin Classic Naturals Topcoat is a water-repellent top-coat formula designed as the final step of the Classic application system. May also be applied as a maintenance coat to existing Classic coatings to help ensure a water repellence on surfaces subject to more severe wetting. See more

Classic Topcoat delivers excellent water beading, is resistant to wear, and enhances the natural UV protection – and beauty – of your Sansin Classic finish. When applying as a maintenance coat, dilute Classic Top Coat with the Sansin Classic color of your choice before application.  Consult a dealer or a Sansin customer service professional for details.


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View the Classic Naturals Topcoat Product Data Sheet (PDF) for information about application, preparation, maintenance, and more.