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Sansin Purity Nature’s Oil: Penetrating oil for cabinetry and interiors.

Penetrating oil for cabinetry and interiors.

For a natural finish, use Nature’s Oil inside your home. After all, there’s nothing warmer or more inviting than the feeling of hand-rubbed wood. Simply apply and polish this penetrating oil into wood – just one coat delivers a rich, uniform lustre that allows the grain and character of your wood to shine through.

Purity Nature’s Oil is environmentally friendly, low in VOC’s, high in solids and non-flammable.

A long open time means you can work the finish to create exactly the look you want. A second coat of Nature’s Oil may be applied at any time to maintain a beautiful low luster finish.

View the Sansin Purity Natures Oil Product Data Sheet (PDF) for information about application, preparation, maintenance, and more.