Case Studies

Boler Mountain

A beloved four-season recreational facility in London, Ontario, builds a new multi-purpose chalet featuring stunning cedar soffits protected by Sansin SDF FR.





Boler Mountain

Boler Mountain is Southwestern Ontario’s most dynamic destination for outdoor adventure. Over the last 70 years, Boler has expanded to become a four-season destination with skiing, tubing, mountain biking, beach volleyball, an Ariel Adventure Park and zip lining. Boler attracts over 120,000 outdoor enthusiasts annually.

In 2016, Boler Mountain announced it was adding a $6.1 million chalet at the base of the ski hill, resplendent with beautiful cedar soffits and cedar bulkheads. The 16,000-square foot, three-level facility with huge walls of windows opened in December 2017. It brings a new level of guest services, offering spectacular views of the ski hill and a cozy place to sit and watch the activity outside. It also features a state-of-the-art kitchen and dining facilities, increasing capacity to host weddings and corporate events. The new structure was designed and built to complement Boler’s existing chalet, which was given a face-lift and is now used for equipment rental.

Wood – A Natural Choice

The design of the new chalet – with the dramatic use of cedar and stone – emphasizes the strong connection to the natural landscape, while taking a modern approach to a traditional ski lodge. The building – with sweeping cedar soffits that start in the breezeway outside and extend into the interior spaces – is designed to maximize views to nature and draw natural light into the open-concept facility. The flexible space can be configured to accommodate small gatherings or groups of up to 200 people.

“Wood was selected for the new chalet to harken back to historic ski chalets, but with a modern twist,” explains Ryan Stirling of Architects Tillmann Ruth Robinson. “It also ties nicely into the existing building, which we wanted to complement with the new look.” Stirling says cedar wood was chosen because it can better withstand the moisture created by Boler’s snow-making machines and Mother Nature.

Why Sansin?

The Boler Mountain team knew they wanted to protect their investment in the wood-forward facility – the most financially ambitious undertaking in Boler’s 70-year history. To beautify and protect the wood on new and existing buildings, Sansin’s flagship SDF finish was chosen for its ability to repel moisture, protect from UV exposure and withstand weather fluctuations.

A custom dark grey color (Modified Chesapeake) was used on the original building’s pine siding. For the cedar siding, Sansin’s popular Autumn Gold color was applied on both the existing building and the cedar soffits for the new chalet.

To meet code, the new cedar soffits had to be coated with a fire retardant finish, so Sansin SDF FR tinted to the Autumn Gold color was selected for its ability to be used on outdoor, non-exposed surfaces. Sansin was able to accommodate both needs with two products that were tinted in a way that made the existing and new building look seamless and coordinated.

Marty Thody, a member of the Boler Mountain management team, says Sansin was the obvious choice because of its reputation as a top manufacturer of wood finishes. “We wanted a fire retardant that could work outdoors as a Class ‘B’ finish, while helping the wood last but not take away from the look of the cedar,” says Thody. “Sansin makes the best product – it’s not milky or heavy; it lets the wood shine through.”

Thody says Sansin worked closely with his team to ensure the color for the cedar soffits on the new chalet matched the cedar cladding on the old building and that the pine panels created the desired look. “The new chalet has been open for about a year now, and the cedar inside and outside has significant sun exposure, which would normally set off alarm bells about fading. But thanks to the Sansin stain, it’s not a concern,” remarks Thody.






Penetrating one-coat finish for exterior wood.

Exceptionally versatile protection for siding, logs, decks and fences. Beautiful, durable, highly water-repellent, breathable and UV-resistant.




Class “B” flame protection for interior and exterior non-exposed surfaces.

SDF FR, available in clear or tintable, forms an ignition barrier and reduces flame spread.