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Primers, base coats and anti-fungals for long-term protection.

The massive timbers that make log homes so architecturally unique require protection that is out of the ordinary. Sansin manufactures a complete line of log and timber protection products that were designed specifically for the requirements of the log home market. Foundation is a base coat that improves the performance of any subsequent coating. Timber-Tec is a wood primer that protects logs during the build, while KP-11 is an industrial grade primer primarily used for large building projects but also ideal for log homes. Borasan is a deep-penetrating surface treatment that is designed to eradicate and protect against decay, insects and fungi. Impel Rods is designed to be inserted directly into logs for long-term internal protection.

Every home is unique.

Whatever the requirements of your project, Sansin has an Enviro Stain that will deliver the exceptional performance your log or timber-frame home deserves. Scroll down for an overview of our family of log and timber protection products or get inspired by browsing the Photo Gallery below for examples of beautiful log home projects featuring Sansin Enviro Stains.


Temporary Product Can


Diffusable long-term decay, insect and mold protection.

Eradicates and protects against wood-destroying fungi, insects and mold. Ideal for both new and existing timbers.




Penetrating base coat that improves top coat performance.

Penetrating base coat that protects against weathering and UV. Easily topcoated – designed to enhance topcoat performance.


Impel rods image

Impel Rods

Control and prevent decay inside logs and timbers.

The only effective decay control system that post-protects logs internally. Designed for log homes, joist ends, utility poles and structural timbers.


Timber-Tec can


Industrial-strength wood treatment for in-yard protection.

Protects against surface discoloration and weathering. Repels moisture and allows wood to breathe. Can be applied to both green and seasoned timbers.