Case Studies

  • Sansin SDF Protects Lakefront Estate in British Columbia

    Sansin SDF Protects Lakefront Estate in British Columbia

    A beautiful lakeside log and timber home is protected inside and out with Sansin. FACT #1704 PIECES OF SPRUCE GLULAM TIMBERS FACT #2SANSIN SDF OUTSTANDING WEATHER & UV PROTECTION FACT #3:LEGACY HOME STANDS TEST OF TIME WITH SANSIN This magnificent home, which is located on the shores of Okanagan Lake near Vernon, British Columbia, was … Read more

  • University of Oregon’s Hayward Field

    University of Oregon’s Hayward Field

    More than 462 glulam beams are the signature feature at Hayward Field, a reimagined “theater” for track and field events. FACT #1MORE THAN 462 DOUGLAS FIR GLULAM WOOD PIECES FACT #2LONGEST GLULAM BEAM MEASURES 55 FEET BY 10 INCHES LONG FACT #3KP-12 UVW: FACTORY-APPLIED PENETRATING UNDERCOAT FACT #4PRECISION COAT ENS: TWO COATS FOR SUPERIOR WATER … Read more

  • Killarney Lodge Canada House

    Killarney Lodge Canada House

    Canada House Convention Centre Protected with Sansin Classic 1-2-3 A stunning convention centre in Ontario features massive logs and is protected inside and out with Sansin. FACT #1TIMBER-TEC M-30 – PROTECTS FROM UV, STAINING, DISCOLORATION. FACT #2CLASSIC 1-2-3 – DURABLE, NATURAL-LOOKING FINISH. FACT #3PURITY INTERIOR FLOOR GYMNASIUM-GRADE PROTECTION. SELECTED FOR ITS BEAUTY AND WOOD WARMTH. … Read more

  • Boler Mountain

    Boler Mountain

    A beloved four-season recreational facility in London, Ontario, builds a new multi-purpose chalet featuring stunning cedar soffits protected by Sansin SDF FR. FACT #1SDF FR ULTIMATE FLAME SPREAD PROTECTION FACT #2SDFOUTSTANDING UV & WEATHER PROTECTION FACT #3 CEDAR DESIGN WITH LONGLASTING FINISH Boler Mountain is Southwestern Ontario’s most dynamic destination for outdoor adventure. Over the … Read more

  • Award-winning Restaurant Selects Resolution System

    Award-winning Restaurant Selects Resolution System

    For a busy high-end restaurant in Ontario, the recipe for success includes a farm-fresh menu, impeccable service and a gorgeous al fresco dining patio, resplendent with rich teak wooden tables and benches. FACT #1ESOLUTION I – HIGH SOLIDS FINISH FACT #2RESOLUTION II – CRYSTAL CLEAR, LOW VOC FINISH FACT #3RESOLUTION SYSTEM – MARINE-GRADE WOOD PROTECTION … Read more

  • Quebec City Amphitheatre

    Quebec City Amphitheatre

    For biggest public investment in Quebec City’s history, wood is selected for its aesthetic, environmental and economic benefits. FACT #1GLULAM OFFERS DESIGN FLEXIBILITY FACT #2KP-12: PROTECTIVE UNDERCOAT FACT #3WOOD SELECTED AS RENEWABLE BUILDING MATERIAL FACT #4PURITY CLEAR: BRILLIANT INTERIOR FINISH The New Quebec City Amphitheatre, also known as the Videotron Centre, is a new multi … Read more

  • Villas in Rotterdam Brainpark

    Villas in Rotterdam Brainpark

    Sustainability was a special point of focus for these office villas composed of broad strips of laminated wood. The wooden sections are made of durable Accoya® wood and attached with coach screws that are left exposed. FACT #1DURABLE ACCOYA WOOD FACT #2SDF ALLOWS WOOD TO BREATHE FACT #3PROVIDES EXCELLENTCOLOR STABILITY FACT #3HISTORY OF LOWVOC PERFORMANCE … Read more

  • The Langeberg Nijmegen Treatment Clinic

    The Langeberg Nijmegen Treatment Clinic

    An outpatient treatment clinic located in Nijmegen, The Netherlands. The building uses Accoya® wood throughout the facility to create a natural environment to improve patient treatment and outcomes. FACT #1THREE-COAT WOOD PROTECTION FACT #2SDF ALLOWS WOOD TO BREATHE FACT #3ACCOYA WOOD – DURABLE, LONG LIFE FACT #4HISTORY OF LOWVOC PERFORMANCE The Langeberg Nijmegen Treatment Clinic … Read more

  • Oostvaarders Nature Centre

    Oostvaarders Nature Centre

    The Oostvaarders Nature Center stands on the edge of the Oostvaardersplassen in the Netherlands, using an Ebony color on its cladding to mimic the dark silhouettes of grazing cattle dotting the horizon of the reserve. FACT #1THERMALLY MODIFIED WOOD FACT #2SDF – ALLOWS WOOD TO BREATHE FACT #3DRAMATIC EBONY COLOR FACT #4HISTORY OF PERFORMANCE Designed … Read more

  • Salk Institute Architecture

    Salk Institute Architecture

    Perched above the rolling surf in La Jolla, California, The Salk Institute, revered around the world as a modern architectural treasure, was meticulously restored to reflect its original design. FACT #1DISTINCTIVE TEAK ELEMENTS FACT #2SDF – PERFECT FOR MARINE ENVIRONMENTS FACT #3DNA TESTING TO MATCH ORIGINAL DESIGN FACT #4METICULOUS PROCESS TO RESTORE WINDOWS Restoration and … Read more