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Sansin to Adorn World’s Largest Log Conference Center

The massive new structure at Killarney Mountain Lodge is approaching completion in the tiny village of Killarney, Ontario. It began a little over two years ago, when plans were drawn for a new convention centre called Canada House; a 34,000 square foot facility facing Georgian Bay and nestled in the pink granite of the La Cloche Mountain range that embraces much of Killarney. This addition will serve to create a twelve month revenue stream, allowing the formerly seasonal resort to stay open year-round. It would also become the largest log conference center currently under construction in the world.

With a projected opening in Spring 2019, this facility will offer 8 meeting rooms, two banquet halls with a combined capacity of 370, a state of the art fitness center, a Ranch House steak house and a variety of configuration options.

According to Ryan Sterling of Tillman Ruth Robinson Architects, the most unique thing about this project is “It’s completely log cabin built.”

Earl Laverty of Laverty Log Homes, near Kitchener, Ontario, sourced logs from Quebec, Ontario and even Douglas Fir from British Columbia, a trek of more than 3,000 kilometers. The largest logs are 24” in diameter. “Shipped directly to us, raw logs are then stripped of bark and seasoned for several weeks,” says Laverty. “We shaped the logs with a draw knife, then preassemble them in our yard. The process includes, tagging, numbering and disassembling them. We truck the tagged logs to the construction site and we’re confident of the final fit and finish.”

Todd Lewis, Manager of the Wikwemikong Unceded Indian Reserve Forest Resource Program. “Holden (owner Holden Rhodes) came out in the pine forest with our log crews as we harvested over 170 tons of white pine logs…a significant addition to the number of logs required for the build. He wanted to make sure that the people of Wikwemikong became part of the history of this project,” Lewis remarked.

Canada House needed a sustainable finish that could provide the right aesthetics while being easily maintainable for years to come. According to Sansin Sales & Marketing Director Caroline March-Long, “Sansin was chosen to protect and beautify the enormous logs for the Canada House. Sansin’s deep penetrating wood finish provides the durability required, while allowing the natural character and beauty of the wood to shine through.”

Killarney General Manager Kelly McAree likened the installation of the giant timbers to “a ballet of the cranes,” “We were very fortunate to have the right team of contractors,” McAree continued. “The structure is so unique and impressive, we are giving tours even before we open, and we’re already booked for 2019 with weddings” he continued.

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