Sansin Wood-Sealer: Premium protection, with the look of naturally-weathered driftwood.

Premium protection, with the look of naturally-weathered driftwood.

Sansin Wood-Sealer is a zero-VOC water-borne penetrating sealer that aggressively repels water while allowing wood to breathe. Over a short time, the wood will weather uniformly to a beautiful silver grey tone. Wood Sealer provides exceptional protection and won’t break down with exposure to sunlight, retaining its water-repellency and protecting against weathering and wood rot. Because it erodes gently with time, maintenance is easy – just apply a fresh coat of Wood-Sealer. See more.

Wood-Sealer easily surpasses the ASTM 4446, the standard industry benchmark for water repellency. Test results show that, on average, one application of Sansin Wood-Sealer reduces water absorption by 84% and swelling by 72%.

Wood-Sealer dries clear, will not peel and can be used for interiors as well as exteriors. A 3-year limited warranty on Sansin Wood-Sealer is available on projects where it has been applied to properly prepared surfaces as per directions for use. Wood-Sealer is ideal for log homes, decks, fences, wood shingles, gazebos, yard furniture and wood siding.

Sansin Wood-Sealer is also available in 5-gallon pails.

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View the Wood Sealer Product Data Sheet (PDF) for information about application, preparation, maintenance, and more.