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Decorworld Paint & Window Coverings Offers Sansin’s High-Performance, Low-VOC Wood Finishes to Contractors & Homeowners in Interior BC

Sansin products to be showcased to contractors and DIY customers at store’s 10th anniversary event on April 26

The Sansin Corporation, a global leader in environmentally friendly, high-performance wood protection, announced today that Decorworld Paint & Window Coverings, located at Unit A 4406 29th St., Vernon, BC, now carries the company’s exterior line of wood finishes.

To showcase Sansin products and celebrate Decorworld’s 10-year anniversary, the store will host a breakfast for local contractors on April 26 at 7:30 a.m. featuring a Sansin introduction and product demonstration. Afterward, a Sansin wood care specialist will answer questions about Sansin’s products and how they can benefit current and future projects. In the afternoon, the event will be expanded to include the store’s retail customers with door prizes and product promotions. To learn more about the event, contact Decorworld at 250-542-1444.

An independently owned store, Decorworld offers specialized attention from trained professionals who are knowledgeable, experienced and helpful. Store owner Lori Dean says the decision to carry Sansin’s products was a response to customer demand.

“The people who know wood know that Sansin is a great product, and we had a lot of contractors asking for Sansin who would drive to another town 45 minutes away to buy it,” explained Dean. “It didn’t take us long to become impressed with the science behind the finishes as well as the durability; that made bringing Sansin into our store an easy choice.”

Sansin’s Director of Sales and Marketing Caroline March-Long said Sansin is a good fit for in this area of the country that experiences weather patterns that range from exceptionally cold to very hot. “Sansin wood stains are specifically formulated to stand up to extreme weather cycles that can be hard on wood surfaces if they aren’t protected with a penetrating, protective finish,” said March-Long. “Our products are made to repel water and protect from UV, while allowing wood to breathe naturally, leading to durability and high performance.”

Sansin’s exterior finishes come in a range of colors from naturals and saturated to solid hide. Since Decorworld custom tints Sansin products on-site, customers are able to tailor the color for their project.

  • Classic 1·2·3: Classic was developed to protect and beautify logs and big timbers, which can often have a high moisture content. The low-lustre, three-coat penetrating formula enhances the natural beauty of wood, allowing the wood to breathe and preventing moisture from getting trapped and rotting the wood from inside.
  • SDF: SDF provides tough, effective protection for wood siding. SDF’s specially formulated oils and resins penetrate into the wood, providing outstanding weather and UV protection in a wide range of colors. Thanks to SDF’s unique water-borne technology, it can provide complete protection in just one coat.  SDF also comes in a durable topcoat finish that is highly resistant to wear, doesn’t discolor over time, and enhances the natural UV protection – and beauty – of the existing Sansin SDF finish.
  • DEC: Dec is designed as a rugged two-coat formula that penetrates deeply, protecting the wood from within. While many deck coatings easily peel and scratch, Dec penetrates deep into the wood tissue for lasting protection from rain and UV exposure.
  • ENS: This durable two-coat finish can be applied to virtually any surface – from millwork and siding to decks and outdoor furniture. ENS is self-priming and offers exceptional adhesion to almost any surface, resulting in a satin or gloss finish of exceptional beauty

About Decorworld Paint & Window Coverings
Decorworld Paint & Window Coverings is an independently owned store located in Vernon, BC. In business for 10 years, the store is committed to a superior level of service and specialized attention. The store professionals are comprised of trained, experienced specialists who offer helpful advice to ensure the success of every project.

About Sansin
For over 30 years, Sansin has been the only wood protection company focused exclusively on researching and developing environmentally-friendly, water-borne interior and exterior wood products and technologies that deliver outstanding color, durability and performance without the toxicity found in conventional stains. Sansin wood treatments, finishes and preservatives use water, not oil, to deeply penetrate and protect wood naturally, from within. Headquartered in Ontario, Canada, Sansin has dealer locations in Canada, the U.S. and Europe. To learn more about The Sansin Corporation, or how to become a Sansin preferred dealer, visit

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