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Sansin Wood Finishes Protect & Beautify First Kappe Architects-Designed Home Outside North America

Sansin’s low-VOC wood finishes accentuate stunning Redwood, Douglas Fir, Iroko & Red Oak on interior and exterior of home

Editor’s Note: Photos of the Kappe Home in Berlin are available here. Please photo credit Jürgen Nogai.

Strathroy, Ontario, Canada – April 17, 2024 – The Sansin Corporation, a global leader in environmentally friendly, high-performance wood protection, is pleased to announce the completion of the first-ever Kappe Architects-designed home outside North America. The home is in Kleinmachnow, Germany, near Berlin. Sansin was the exclusive provider of interior and exterior wood protection and finishes for massive amount of wood on the structure.

The residence was designed by renowned Southern California firm Kappe Architects and features quintessential design elements made famous by founder Ray Kappe. The home utilizes redwood imported from California, Douglas Fir beams, Iroko molding and Red Oak flooring. All the wood inside and outside the residence is protected with a comprehensive system of Sansin’s high-performance, low-VOC finishes.

  • Precision Coat SDF (on the Iroko, Douglas Fir and Red Oak): Specially formulated for factory finishing with oils and resins that penetrate the wood, Precision Coat SDF provides outstanding weather and UV protection. It creates a monolithic bond with wood for long-term durability that won’t crack, peel or blister.
  • Precision Coat SDF Topcoat (on the Douglas Fir and Iroko): Highly resistant to wear, Precision Coat SDF Topcoat doesn’t discolor over time, and enhances the UV protection – and beauty – of Precision Coat SDF. Because of its high solids content, Precision Coat SDF Topcoat enhances the look of the base coat with beautiful, saturated color and a full, rich finish.
  • Precision Coat WoodForce (on the Redwood siding): This high-performing factory finish provides exceptional protection and won’t break down with exposure to sunlight, retaining its water-repellency and protecting against weathering and wood rot. Because it erodes gently over time, long-term maintenance is easy with a fresh coat of WoodForce, as needed.

“We selected Sansin initially for its experience working with redwood – that’s knowledge that is hard to find in Germany. But as we learned more about Sansin’s products, we knew we wanted to use them for all the wood on the house,” said Lars Triesch, homeowner. “Sansin’s consulting service was excellent. The company supported us in finding the right combination of products for the protection and aesthetic we were looking for.”

Sansin’s Managing Director Sjoerd Bos says this home is an excellent example of what Sansin excels at. “We have a lot of experience collaborating with architects, contractors and builders to recommend a complete wood protection system that protects the investment in wood and brings out the beauty of the wood grain without the harsh chemicals found in other finishes,” he said. “It’s a magnificent project, and we were proud to partner with Lars to bring this one-of-a-kind residence to life.”

Sansin’s architectural consulting program, Sansin IRIS, helps architects achieve coating quality and maintenance goals. Completed projects are then eligible for Sansin Care, which offers guidance to ensure projects are proactively maintained.

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About Architect Ray Kappe
Ray Kappe (1927-2019) was a Los Angeles-based architect and educator, and the founder of the Southern California Institute of Architecture. Kappe was recognized for his commitment to sustainability, use of wood, and airy designs that merge indoor and outdoor living. He pioneered the prefabrication of residences that embody Southern California Modernism, a design aesthetic that is carried forward by his sons Ron and Finn Kappe. Learn more at

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For more than 35 years, Sansin has been the only wood protection company focused exclusively on researching and developing environmentally friendly, water-borne interior and exterior wood products and technologies that deliver outstanding color, durability and performance without the toxicity found in conventional stains. Sansin wood treatments, finishes and preservatives use water, not petroleum solvents, to deeply penetrate and protect wood naturally, from within. Headquartered in Ontario, Canada, Sansin has offices in the Netherlands and Rhode Island and dealer locations in Canada, the U.S., Europe and Australasia. To learn more about The Sansin Corporation, or how to become a Sansin preferred dealer, visit